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Hardcore prankster Kristen Vogler has found a hilarious way to entertain herself while being captive indoors. She decided to replace the collection of family photos at her home with her  hand-drawn copies — and her parents didn't notice for over a week!

Vogler’s prank become stimulated through a comparable one, in which a person changed their own circle of relatives pix with photographs of Nicolas Cage. She didn’t have a shadeation printer though—best a container of crayons, so determined to create her personal version. “Every day I changed a brand new image with a brand new, and terrible, crayon drawing,” she says. “Sneaking those masterpieces up become now no longer easy, I needed to conceal with inside the toilet clutching the frames more than one times.” Along with lots of sneaking around, Vogler become capable of hold up the charade for goodbye way to a bit little bit of luck. 

On day four she writes, “I were posting on Twitter approximately my development and my mother selected nowadays to attempt to begin a Twitter account to speak to John Krasinski approximately Some Good News however thankfully her account become locked.”

While Vogler's pictures aren't exactly photorealistic representations of her family, her parents didn't notice the change until day 12. The funny artist says, "These coloured pencil drawings are no good, they're part of the fun, so feel free to laugh."

Vogler posted a video on Facebook showing the moment her parents finally noticed. - When did you do all this? her mother asks, laughing. Vogler says, "I've been adding one every day for over a week."
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