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Follow the misadventures of someone who has been given the nickname of Mobility Mary.

No one knows who this lady actually is, she has never posted a picture of herself online or shown her face in her YouTube channel videos. Though, what we do know about her is that she complains at just about everything and everyone, it's so ridiculous it's hilarious. 'Mobility Mary' rides the sidewalks on her mobility scooter, which always has a camera attached to the front, and these are the videos she posts online – of her 'almost getting 'killed' by cute little dogs to cars passing her on the road.

A YouTuber with the handle 'J0hNF_UK' commented on this compilations saying; "She obviously goes out of her way to look for any kind of conflict she can, presumably because she's got nothing else better to do with her time. She's desperate for attention, even if it's of the negative kind from hassling people going about their daily business. I lost count the number of times she said, 'OH MY GOD.' Like it actually has any kind of emphasis to it."

Don't know what it is I'm talking about? Watch the video compilation of the lady called 'Mobility Mary'.

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