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Ahh... the heated events that unfold occasionally in the courtroom. Here are some of the most dramatic moments caught on camera.

It is astounding what people think they can get away with, in the courtroom. From attempted escape to violent attacks, they're all in here. In today's world, almost everything is caught on camera, especially in a place of law and order, so the idea that you can make a quick run for freedom when you're handcuffed and wearing inmate-issue slippers is absurd.

But, that's exactly what two accused young men attempted to do at the Lewis County Courthouse in Chehalis, Washington. After a brief interaction with Judge R.W. Buzzard, Tanner Jacobson and Kodey Howard decide to leg it through the courtroom and down three flights of stairs to freedom.

What they didn't take into account was the quick reaction of the fleet-footed judge who took off in pursuit. Judge Buzzard caught up with Howard at the bottom of the stairs, restraining him until the sheriff of the court appeared. Jacobson was apprehended just a few blocks away and both were remanded back into custody.

These actions, obviously, made things worse for these two bumbling idiots. Considering they were accused of minor infringements, they both have a second-degree escape offence listed to their charge sheet.

Another incident involving a judge is when he and the public defender end up in the corridor having a fisticuff, ending with the suspension of the judge.

Other notable mentions include when the father of a deceased victim dives across a table to strangle her attacker; an unhinged defendant lunging for the judge before being restrained, and a man who jacks up a joint in the courtroom to prove a point about legalising marijuana after being caught in possession in Tennessee.

The video below, courtesy of YouTube channel, A&E, showcases these and other dramatic courtroom moments caught on camera. It's incredible to see what people will do when stressful and emotional moments take over.

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