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Some of them are spooky. Some of them are just beyond creepy. But, then again, some of them are weirdly romantic. What do all these homes have in common? They’re abandoned.

That’s right, someone packed up all their belongings and decided to leave their home. OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that easy or uncomplicated, but it sounds about right to us.

YouTube channel, Amerikano, recently made a list of their top 15 most incredible abandoned homes in the world.

Here’s our favourites on the list:

Lynnewood Hall in Philadelphia

The mansion was designed in the late 1900’s for a rich industrialist. It has 110 rooms with 55 of them being bedrooms. When he died in 1915 he had no heirs as most family members died with the sinking of the Titanic. So, it’s been empty since the 1950’s and is on the market for $11 million. But, restoration costs have been estimated at a further $50 million. No wonder it’s still on the market.

Villa de Vecchi near Lake Como

It was built in 1850, but just after completion the owner’s wife was murdered inside the villa. Shortly after that, the owner’s daughter went missing and he committed suicide in the villa. Hmmm, the plot thickens. It’s been abandoned since the 1950’s and locals refer to it as the haunted mansion. We can guess why.

The Los Feliz House

For over 60 years, this Los Angeles house has been abandoned. In 1959 the owner killed his wife, daughter and them himself inside the house. The murders were horrific and made headlines for weeks to follow. A year after the gruesome murders, a couple bought the place but was too scared to stay there so they used it as a storage facility. When they died, their son decided to do the same as he didn’t want to spend a night there either.

Anyone looking for a fixer upper right about now?

Watch the Amerikano video below to see their top 15 abandoned homes.

Image credit: Daily Mirror

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