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A video of a woman trying to pick up a man has been making its rounds on social media, and Mzansi has the most hilarious reaction to it. The video shows an unlucky girl trying to pick up a man but later then gives up as the guy can't see the signs and just staring at her. 

The video has gone viral on Twitter as social media users can't get enough of the bubbly woman who decided to make the first move on a guy at a club.

In her chance to win the guy over, the woman even invites the guy to the dance floor. However, the woman's resilience is really tested. The guy doesn't seem to have any interest in the woman or is not picking up her flirting signs that she's throwing at him. 

The hilarious video was posted by @Ntombentle Swaartbooi and has definitely kept Mzansi social media users busy as they keep sharing their reactions! 

The caption is written in isiZulu: "Omunye umntwana ufuna ukuWinwa kodwa ke this gender hates us mos". It literally translates to: "The other child wants to be picked, but the (male) gender hates us (females) anyway".

Social media users have different points of views to the video. Some pointed out that they think the man is a legend and minding his own business, where others believe the woman had not done enough to impress the guy she wanted.

Either way, the video is hilarious, so enjoy the show!

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