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What do French Bulldogs and Scottish Fold cats have in common? First of all they are adorable. Unfortunately, however, both breeds are among the pets that face difficult health issues due to their cuteness, such as wrinkled noses and folded ears. Both breeds will soon be regulated by the Dutch government. Minister for Culture and Natural Foods Pete Adema announced that the government plans to ban dog and cat breeds whose physical characteristics cause pain and suffering. Although the ban has not yet been implemented, the government has warned that this is to be expected.

Much is still floating around about the proposed ban. It's clear the government is desperate for change, and it's likely to affect both short-eared short-nosed dogs and cats.

“This subject affects me  as a person as well as as a pastor. We make the lives of innocent animals miserable just because we think they are beautiful and cute. So today we've taken a big step towards a Netherlands where no pet should suffer for their appearance.

The government continues to develop lists of physical characteristics and criteria to determine if animals are suffering unnecessarily as a result of irresponsible breeding. However,  the ban is also known to affect the ownership, importation, sale and promotion of these breeds. The latter concerns the process of "influence" which began to skyrocket in the popularity of breeds such as the French Bulldog. The French are notorious for  breathing problems along with other health problems. An adorable cat that is also popular on Instagram, Scottish Folds are named for their folded ears. However, this is due to hereditary cartilage defects that cause feline joint pain and fused joints and deformities.

For those of you who have already banned pets, animals will still be the grandparents of your life. Adema says: “Resolving these issues [regarding the specifics of the law] will take time. But we  want to alert people already, especially those who are considering bringing a new pet into their home, that it's coming." Consumers in other countries may also take notice. Norway has serious health problems due to human preferences. Unfortunately, not even "ethical" breeders can solve the problem of these  purebred pets, especially for certain breeds.

Adopting rather than shopping is one way to avoid this ethical conundrum. If you are looking for a new furry friend, check out Petfinder to find a loving, adoptable friend who needs a home.

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