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Over the past few years, T. J. Drysdale and Victoria Yor have explored the world and depicted wonderful places in fairy tales. As part of their current "Follow Me" travel project, the couple documents their adventures in Peru, Iceland, Oregon and across Europe. In the published photo, Yore is wearing a fancy dress and a fancy cape and transformed into a model. They also show off her adventurous spirit as she traverses majestic waterfalls,  abandoned building sites, and green cliffs overlooking the sea. 

Drysdale and Yor are usually on the go but have slowed down on their relentless Follow Me journey to create quality, non-quantitative photos. So far they've made two of their four trips this year with plans to go to Italy and Paris.

The couple is always looking to expand on their previous work and keep their look fresh. "We've been using 'the girl in the white dress' for so long, it's become our calling card," Yore tells My Modern Met. "The thing is, we've shot the white dress  three times in a row in places like Iceland, so it's time to add something new and different!”

To enhance their work, they added a colourfully colourful cape to Yore's wardrobe. “You see people in yellow jackets or dresses, but have you ever seen a yellow raincoat in a landscape?” she says. They are currently replacing 5 capes. "One grey, one navy, one  yellow, one red and  just got  a dark green raincoat for the upcoming trip to Italy.”

Add a cape to make the couple's travel photo concept stand out even more. “The caped/hooded figure is unique to the landscape and adds an element of more mystery than ever before,” explains Yor. "I'm very excited to see what the future holds as we continue to adapt."

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