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Redditor Squeezymo is a teacher at a Catholic girls' school in Bangkok, Thailand who has vowed to complete any drawings her students leave behind during homework or exams. A quirky educator adds drawings and text in red ink to young students' scribbles, turning them into fun little collaborations. Now, the funny teacher has compiled several of his creations in an Imgur album called Grading Thaime, sharing all of his creative student artwork and fun additions from his teacher.

Knowing the teacher's policy of drawing over pictures, some students seemed to put more effort into being creative. One student decided to draw in small letters on one side a diagram of an active volcano ready to absorb flowing "chocolate" lava. Squeezymo completed this painting with a portrait of Tay Zonday and a cloud that read CHOCOLATE RAINING!

As fun and whimsical as most  drawings are, there are times when  science teachers use illustrations to send a message to their students. For example, when an anime-style drawing of a character comes with glasses, a science book, or a speech. A bubble that says "I should have studied".Anonymous Student Surprises Entire High School with Over 1,500 Handmade Valentines

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