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Nike has just released their most unlike-Nike ad ever. And we love it!

Their latest ad is part of a series of ads titled Play New, and it celebrates the joy of being rubbish at sport. Let's face it, a lot of us aren't good at sport, but we do it anyway, and we're quite honest with ourselves about not being Olympic heroes. Right?

The ad features ordinary people as well as three well-known US-based athletes trying new sports. The ad doesn't show them being brilliant at what they do, but rather show how they're struggling with new sports that they're trying.

It also features people of all shapes and races, so most people can relate to it. Something not all sports brands tend to get right when advertising their brand.

So, if that wasn't the encouragement we needed, we're never going to get off the couch and try that figure skating move we've watched over and over again in Blades Of Glory.

Watch the Nike ad below to see why it's more than okay to suck at sport.

Image credit: Designboom

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