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You have probably seen countless of amazing photos of the beautiful Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights have been a huge magnet for photographers all over who can’t get enough of the gorgeous green colourful sky lights.

However, there is probably one photo you haven’t seen before taken by photographers Jingyi Zhang and Wang Zheng. In their photo the array of green lights take on the shape of a giant dragon.

Zhang,  is a Perth-based student and is studying jewellry design. Zhang also has a deep passion for astrophotography and even got recognition from the Royal Observatory Greenwich's prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition for her amazing work.

However, nothing compares to this incredible sky she came across. Her eye catching photo has even been awarded NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. NASA explained, “This iconic display was so enthralling that the photographer's mother ran out to see it and was captured in the foreground. No sunspots have appeared on the Sun so far in February, making the multiple days of picturesque auroral activity this month somewhat surprising.”

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