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Get ready for that warm fuzzy feeling as we tell you about stuff that people have done for the very first time. Yes, they might be average things that we take for granted and do almost every day but, for other people, it’s a day they’ll never forget.

Like the cycling team from Rwanda who stopped during a race to touch snow for the first time. Remember, Rwanda is in Africa where snow is extremely rare, so for these riders, it was a big moment. They couldn’t hide the joy as they enjoyed experiencing what snow felt like for the first time.

What about the grandmother who promised her kids and grandkids that, when she reached the milestone age of 100, she would get on the back of a motorbike and go for a ride for the very first time in her life? Can you imagine the big thrill of it when you’re 100 years old?

In most of the Western world, we get to see people of different skin colours daily. So, imagine if you’re a kid in a rural African village and you see a white person for the first time? Or if you’re a kid in rural China and you see someone with blonde or ginger hair for the very first time?

When TV was still something almost unimaginable, someone managed to capture a photo of a young boy watching TV in an appliance store window back in 1948. While a lot of things have changed since then, some of us still watch TV with our mouths open.

Watch the Scoop video below for the amazing images that capture the essence of these stories.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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