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Over the weekend, two equally controversial YouTube figures stepped into a boxing ring, and much like any traditional boxing event, Logan Paul and KSI's fight is rooted in petty drama.

How did Logan Paul and KSI get to this moment?
Well, around the same time of Logan Paul's incident where he recorded a vlog in Japan's 'Suicide Forest' that included footage of a dead man's body, KSI participated and won his first major amateur boxing match and used his precious time in front of the cameras to call out both Logan and Jake Paul by saying, "Obviously, your man’s got this belt right now and if any YouTuber wants it, you can come get it, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and of the Paul's – I don’t care. Bring it."

His remarks caught the Paul brothers attention, however, Logan was taking his time away from YouTube after his video resulted in demonetisation issues across all his channels and mostly stayed out of it, and so did his brother Jake Paul. Instead, they offered up their dad, Greg Paul, but this didn't sit well with KSI as his business venture was to find popular YouTubers, challenge them to a fight, and reap the financial rewards.

For those of you who might not know, these fights are streamed only to viewers who pay online first, and the recent event was billed as the biggest event in Internet history but will also go down as one of the most pirated moments in the world. Apparently, more than a million people are thought to have streamed the event on free feeds, which is far more than the people who watched it legally.

PewDiePie took to his YouTube channel to do what he does best, mock people for other people's entertainment. PewDiePie started off with a hard jab at Logan for blurring out his credit card details while he was showing viewers how to pay to watch the event, PewDiePie read aloud a viewers comment that read "dude he blurred his card better that he blurred that body lmaoooo".

PewDiePie continues to highlight the whole process as being cringe-worthy, and you can see below his reaction on everything from the weigh-in, to the end match result. I dare you not to laugh.

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