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People watching is a common hobby, nay, a sport, which requires players to have a keen eye for detail and a way of sussing people out that could land them a job in the FBI. Some people are just talented and can get people down to a tee but others are totally off.

The best part about people watching is that you can play it anywhere you find yourself. It all starts by guessing the number of dates a couple has been on, but then progresses to fat or pregnant, hobo or hipster (probably the hardest one) and even gay or European. But it gets worse when you go to the park and start to analyse kids and guess whether they will become a CEO or a serial killer.

All-time low/ridiculous level though is judging people by their grave... Just no. Remember if you people watch, other people might be watching you too!

Do you ever people watch? Let us know below!

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