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Living in one of the world's most scenic areas, Finnish Lapland, photographer Jani Ylinampa has the good fortune to take full advantage of his stunning surroundings. He loves photographing the colourful Northern Lights and all the beauty that the environment has to offer. 

However, it's the gorgeous beauty the island has to offer throughout the changing seasons that has really caught his attention.

In the town of Rovaniemi, the Kotisaari Island is a tiny landmass, only accessible by boat. The island was a lumberjack stronghold when the waterway was used by the logging industry, which was nestled into the Kemi River. 

Now, the idyllically isolated island has been the inspiration of a set of photos by Ylinampa. His images capture the changing beauty throughout the four seasons. 

"The first time I took the photo of the island was in summer 2015, and I published it on my Instagram account in spring 2016. It went viral soon afterward and was shared on countless accounts on social media. That's when I got the idea of taking photos of each season."

Ylinampa's photographs capture the unique light and colour of Kotisaari Island. From an emerald green summer to the snowy white winter, Ylinampa has captured every detail of the changes. 

With his images, the local photographer hopes to demonstrate that Lapland is more than just a winter wonderland, that there's more to the tiny island than one could expect. 

"There's so much to experience, especially during summer and autumn, with the midnight sun and the autumn northern lights. They're better when there is yet no snow on the ground to reflect light."

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