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Date: 2018-11-04

It's a dream for some people to buy and retire on your own private island but most people think you would have to be quite wealthy first to pull that off – well, technically, you don't have to be super rich to own your own island, there are some private islands out there that can be bought for very cheap as long as you don't mind putting up with a few inconveniences.

Daksa Island – Croatia

Also known as the Island Of Ghosts, Daksa Island has been up for sale for around two million euros, which is cheap considering its size and beautiful beaches. Described as a paradise with a home already build on it, with quick and easy access to the nearest towns, it has a dark secret.

This island is known to be haunted because of the Daksan massacre where 53 people were slaughtered in 1944 during WW2. Bodies can still be found all over the island with bullet holes in the skulls.

So, could you ignore the ghost stories and occasional human remains and buy this island?

Take a look at the video below for more islands you might want to buy keeping in mind there will be a few inconveniences attached.

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