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Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal brought something more adorable to his funny photo series titled Zoo Portraits. This time his adorable series includes one of the internet’s favourite topis, baby animals. 

In his new addition Partal arranges baby animal heads on fully-dressed human bodies. Each animal’s new outfit showcases each unique characteristics and personality types. He definitely brought some cute animals to the show which ranges from a soft, white lamb in a crisp, chef's uniform to a professorial Tasmanian Devil in a blazer and bowtie. The clothes the animals wear reveal their other wild side. It is true what they say, that one’s outfit can showcase the type of person you are and give a little insight to strangers on your characteristics.

What makes the images even more adorable and striking is that Partal has his subjects face the camera so that the viewer can stair straight into the eyes of these adorable animals in their chosen clothing options which are deliberate, quirky, and cute. 

As we all might know is that eye contact increases intimacy which will make it more difficult for the viewer to look away from these sweet baby animals. The subtitle to the series is “Become the Animal.” By noticing certain details of the animal such as the clothing one might start to see the personality that are being displayed through the chosen outfit on the chosen animal. One might even become more curious about the animal’s life and characteristics. Each portrait and animal is given a name and is accompanied with the biological name of the animal.

Take a look down below at some more adorable portraits of these cute animals.

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