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Just when you think there’s hope for all of us after all, a photo comes along to change your mind completely.

Be Amazed compiled their favourite photos, and we couldn’t get enough of it.

A Naartjie already comes in its own container that not only keeps the fruit inside fresh, but it’s actually cut up into pieces as well… that’s Mother Nature for you, ever so efficient. But, someone thought it was a good idea to peel the naartjie, break it into smaller pieces and then place it in plastic packaging. Well, there goes the environment.

We’ve all seen the social media influencers and their awesome photos, and wished we knew how they keep looking that good every single day. We also believe the messages they put out there, because come on, they won’t be fake, would they? One influencer posted a photo of herself with an ice cream in her hand in front of a cute ice cream phrase that’s up on the wall behind her. Once the photo was taken, she went ahead and trashed that ice cream within seconds. A bystander noticed it and called her out on it by posting it, you guessed it, on social media.

Make sure to check out the earphones of the person in the seat next to you when you board a plane agin. Someone out there thought it would be a brilliant idea to get glow in the dark earphones on a long haul flight. We bet the other passengers would have voted him off first if someone had to jump out of the plane in an emergency.

Watch the Be Amazed video below, but not if you’re OCD because then the cake photo is going to keep you up all night. It’s slices, not the same size and not in order. Save yourself, don’t watch it!

Image credit: The Laugh Club

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