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Yup, roommates can be super annoying, that's why you should play these pranks on them!

It's been a crazy year, especially with lockdown, so why not play these pranks on your roommates?

It's pretty easy, especially when they are not expecting it. We're talking about playing pranks on your roommates, those are the best!

Imagine getting your roomie to take a bite of your dirty sock instead of stealing a chunk of your banana... how hilarious! Or what about cheating your friend out of a can of crisps after they've stolen all of yours!

Another amazing prank, which is pretty mean, is to put your gaming friend's computer mouse in jelly. That'll teach them that sometimes physically playing with your mates is way more fun!

This video, by the ladies at 123 GO Like! have a bunch of hilarious pranks you can play on your mates, even if it's not April Fools Day! Check it out in the video below!

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