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For both students and professors, the beginning of a new semester usually means a plethora of unfamiliar names, significant assignments, and tedious details to remember. However, one university professor enjoys adding a little humour to her class introduction. Dr Marie-Amélie George began asking her students to send in pictures of their adorable dogs completing the course's homework to help her remember their names.

Not only did her students perform admirably, but online users also began sharing amusing pictures of their cute dogs at work.

Marie George, the hilarious creative professor, said “I probably now have a collection of maybe 60 dogs. Some are at the computer. Some are reading…I do see—slightly fewer—but some cats and I have a great picture of a hermit crab who is studying hard as well."

As soon as Dr. George posted her playful assignment on Twitter, photo submissions from people outside of her class began to arrive. A variety of studious pups, cats, and even a turtle can be found in the delightfully humorous thread that followed. Not all people's pets, though, were as committed to their education.

Some of the amusing pet photos show them napping on their homework, and one mischievous dog was even playing video games. But these adorable pets sure do look pretty darn cute while working, whether they're working hard or hardly at all. 

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