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A honeymooner witnessed the heartwarming scene of a worried herd of elephants pulling a baby elephant stuck in a mud puddle out of the water with their massive bodies acting as a chain. The smaller elephant fell into the puddle while the larger elephants were having fun.

"The baby elephant vanished into the murky water after falling face first! The elephants closest to the water rushed over and desperately extended their trunks in an attempt to pull the small elephant out, causing an instantaneous sense of panic throughout the entire herd. Despite the efforts of almost the entire herd, the infant was simply too small and feeble to latch onto any of their outstretched trunks."

After that failed, one elephant entered the puddle to help the weary calf stay afloat. The other elephants lined up to join him, and the rescue was moved to a shorter embankment. When they saw that they had succeeded, the herd roared loudly.

The baby appeared worn out and ready to give up, covered in mud. However, at that very moment, one of the herd members had the bright idea to descend the embankment and enter the water with the infant. One larger elephant went into the water first, and then so did the other, until the two larger elephants gently nudged and led the now-tired infant to a gentler embankment. 

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