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Have you ever heard of, or witnessed the sky turning green? It sound like a scene out of a classic sci-fi film. This isn’t something you would expect to see when you look outside your window. However, that was exactly what people in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, witnessed on July 5. South Dakota had their very own real life sci-fi experience. Due to a very rare and natural phenomenon, the sky turned a vibrant green. To understand the startling effect of this sight, you would have to look at the amazing photos where the skyline of Sioux Falls is overwhelmed by an acid-green sky.

Many people joked online how this rare event is a signal of the start of the apocalypse. But, to shed some light on this phenomenon, an NWS meteorologist elaborated on the subject. “Water/ice particles in storm clouds with substantial depth and water content will primarily scatter blue light,” Cory Martin explained in his infographic. “When the reddish light scattered by the atmosphere illuminates the blue water/ice droplets in the cloud they will appear to glow GREEN. It takes a tremendous amount of water content within the cloud to achieve this colour, which usually means a substantial amount of ice (large hail) has to be present).”

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