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Whether you're a fan of colouring books or an illustrator, being able to choose the right colours for your work is a must. Usually, this means slowly building up a set of markers, crayons, or paints, and this goal can take some time and money. But a New York-based brand offered an alternative solution. Colorpik Pen is a single tool that lets you write and draw in 16 million colours. This device works a bit like a printer.

This pen uses four refillable ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and transparent) to quickly produce the desired colour tone. But this magic pen has even more amazing abilities. Artists can scan any colour in their environment by pointing the Colorpik pen at the colour and clicking Capture. The device will replicate it within seconds.

You also have the option to save shades to your colour library for reuse. This technology allows artists to draw in different colours without the hassle of switching between markers. Additionally, the pen is equipped with a variety of nibs, including needlepoint, ballpoint, bullet point, marker, fountain pen, and brush, offering even more creative possibilities. The basic set includes a Colorpik Smark ink pen (in your favourite colour), instructions, an ink refill kit, a charging cable, an accessory set, a 199-colour colour book to get started, and 4 nibs.

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