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Some people find lifelong friends in their neighbourhood, or at least someone with whom they can spend a fun afternoon. But after Shalain Caraballo and her family arrived in Texas from Rhode Island, they wondered if they would fit in easily. They quickly agreed when an 82-year-old man knocked on the door. Paul Callahan wanted to help the newcomers and showed up at Caraballo's house with a ladder. The Caraballos had begun work on the property, and Mr. Callaghan was kind enough to lend his knowledge of the work surrounding the house. "One of my biggest fears was meeting my new neighbours. I wondered who they were going to be and what kind of people they were going to be," Caraballo told Good News Network.

"When Paul welcomed us into the neighbourhood, he knew he had made the right choice." Shortly thereafter, the couple, who have five children, learned Callahan's story. He was recently widowed, having lost his wife just six months before the Caraballos moved in. Touched by his goodwill, his family soon "adopted" him and invited him to visit several times. Eventually, they became a lifeline for the old man. Instead, they found a grandpa-like figure who liked to bite children.

As the photos Caraballo shared show, her children love holding Callahan and having him carried. “He came with his tools. "He brought a screwdriver and showed Wilson how to fix up the garage, and Wilson followed all his advice," the woman recalled. "He always comes around with little trinkets for the kids. They play with him a lot and call him Uncle Paul. He spends days preparing stories." 

The Caraballos were worried that their noisy home would turn off their neighbours, but it turned out to be exactly what the Callahans needed. “I remember when my wife and I started,” he said. "There's something about this family that makes you feel at home." Ultimately, this story of friendship and connection shows how a little kindness can go a long way and even save lives. It reminds us that we can even save. A senior says: It's another one that costs less but often has better returns. ”

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