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A wild squirrel named Helen lovingly visits a white Labrador Retriever named Oliver through the living room window every day. According to her husband Trisha Roberts, Oliver didn't seem bothered about Helen's visits at first, but gradually he began to look forward to her. 

"I think it's a bit one-sided because sometimes Oliver  just turns around and has his back to her while Helen is still watching... If Helen doesn't show up for days, Oliver goes looking for her. He braces himself. Let's see if he can find her. Oliver finally realised that Helen was pretty cool. There were moments when it seemed like they had made a connection."

Helen seems very fond of Oliver and refuses to let the other squirrels  in.  

"Find someone who looks at you the way Helen looks at Oliver. Find someone who drives others like Helen away. Find someone who will never give up until they find you, like Helen does. 

Roberts,  a musician, also wrote a song for the two. 

"I write a lot of songs about animals and it felt like someone deserved a song, it would be Oliver and Helen." 

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