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Tattoos have been around for centuries. The earliest evidence of tattoo art dates all the way back to 5000 BCE. Across time and cultures, tattoos have many different forms and meanings. Over the years, tattoo artists have been evolving their technique of tattooing. 

A new unique design has been seen by Beijing-based tattoo artist, MR.L, who goes by 17. He is known in the tattoo industry for creating exquisite body art inspired by traditional motifs, animals, and pop-culture references. 

MR.L's style is so unique, and his carefully rendered designs are so crisp, they almost look like stickers or stamps placed on the skin.

By keeping his drawings pared down to one or two characters, utilizing geometric shapes and bold, black line art, MR.L achieves this striking Pop Art effect. He makes the tattoo stand out against the human body by outlining his illustrations with a thick border, containing the patterns and details inside the subject.

Not only does he design jaw-dropping flower tattoos and paper cranes, but he also makes a variety of animal-inspired illustrations. MR.L creates a series of playful cats that contain flower motifs inside of the feline. 

Others take on a more cartoon-like aesthetic, such as sword-wielding geckos wearing robes and an alligator sporting a belt. 

One might say that MR.L has taken tattooing and cartoon art to a whole new level. Scroll down to see some of his inspiring surreal tattoos.

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