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That's right, your favourite theme park has been responsible for multiple tragedies. Here are ten people who have died on Disney rides.

It sounds like a brilliant time, right? Heading off to Disney's theme park for a day or two of princess castles and heart-stopping roller-coasters. Unfortunately, the latter is not always a metaphor.

You wouldn't be remiss to think it was an older person who would suffer from cardiac issues on a roller-coaster. But, in June of 2006, a tragedy took the life of someone much younger. A 12-year-old from Kentucky was visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios and decided to have a ride on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

Unfortunately, at the end of the ride, the young boy was found unconscious in his seat. He was rushed to hospital but died before he received life-saving medical treatment. It was discovered after a post-mortem that he had succumbed to a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

This is just one of ten tragedies where people have died on Disney rides. To find out more about the others, including the Sailing Ship Columbia, the Monorail Track and PeopleMover, then hit play on the video below by YouTuber, Top 5 Best.

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