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"You are cleared for landing. Good luck." Those are not exactly the words you want to hear when you're a pilot that's about to land at an airport known for being dangerous.

Top Trending recently listed the top 10 most dangerous airports in the world.

Among them is Paro International Airport in the tiny country Bhutan. The country is nestled in between the Himalayan Mountains and the strong winds cause heavy turbulence. Only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land there. Airplanes have to make a sharp 45 degree turn just before the hit the runway.

Gibraltar International Airport's runway literally runs across the island's main road. That means the road has to be closed whenever a plane is about to land or take off. Can you imagine the traffic jams? Nevermind the excuse of why you're late for work: "sorry, I had to wait for a plane to cross the road". Landing planes here is extra difficult due to the strong winds and the massive Rock of Gibraltar.

Narsarsuaq Airport in Greenland is surrounded by massive amounts of water and heavy winds even on days when the locals think it's a good weather day. To make matters worse, there just happens to be an active volcano that planes have to fly over in order to land.

And the world's most dangerous airport award goes to… drumroll… Barra Airport in Scotland.

The, let's call it a runway, is situated on the beach, and if it's high tide, the runway disappears under the water. Nearby locals have started using the headlights of their cars in an attempt to assist pilots when landing there as too many accidents have happened in the past. The airport opened in 1936 and its only destination is Glasgow.

So, who's up for flying right about now? Watch the Top Trending video below. Some of these airports are so nerve wrecking that you have to see it for yourself.

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