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Oh, so you've stayed at a five-star hotel? That's so yesterday. How about a seven-star instead?

The world's one and only seven-star hotel is The Burj Al Arab and it's located in Dubai. It has become quite the landmark over the years, mostly due to the fact that its shaped like a sail yacht thingamajig.

While the exterior is impressive, it's nothing compared to the interior. Sky Scanner reports that it boasts almost 2,000 square metres of 24 carat gold accents that grace the property.

At the Burj Al Arab, transfers are done by helicopter. That's right, the hotel has its own helicopter landing pad. In fact, that landing pad has had its fair share of celebs using it.

Roger Federer once played a tennis match on it and Tiger Woods teed off from up there.

If you'd like to go old-school and get a transfer from the airport to the hotel in a car, you simply have to ask the hotel for one of its 23 Rolls Royce Phantoms to collect you. If you're going to make a big entrance, why not do it in style?

The Burj Al Arab only has suites, what a bummer. But there's 202 of them and they are magnificent. Each suite consists of two floors and some of them offer 360-degree panoramic views.

The Presidential Suite can be booked for around R250,000 a night. It offers two bedrooms, a spectacular ocean view, two bars, a massive library, jacuzzi, private lounge and a six-seater dining room for when you want to entertain guests.

The Presidential Suite isn't even where the luxury ends. The Royal Suite is rumoured to be the most expensive hotel room in the world. It comes at a cost of R400,000. Mind blown.

One of the restaurants in the hotel is a Japanese restaurant called Junsui. The ceiling is covered with 21,000 crystals representing the milky way.

And we haven't even mentioned the 24-hour butler service!

Well, we might not be able to experience all of this in real life, so why not watch The Richest video below to see what it looks like inside. Until then, keep on dreaming.

Image credit: Outlook India

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