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Before you travel to another place, you probably do a lot of research on what to expect from the new destination, what it looks like, what the people are like and what you can do there.

While you can get a good idea about a place and its people by doing research, there will definitely be some factors you can never be prepared for.

One guy flew 5,913 miles to enjoy the view from the legendary California State Route 1. Only to get there and find that it’s overcast, and the entire area is covered in a blanket of mist, so he couldn’t see a thing. As in nothing.

Your ethnicity has an effect on what you look like. We all know that. But what a lot of us don’t know is that Asian people often forget that Western travellers are much taller than the natives are. Going to a shop in Vietnam was a bit tricky for one traveller as his head was only a few centimetres away from the ceiling.

Another guy was on a tour in China, but kept having to mind his head whenever he walked around as arches and ceilings are just so much lower over there.

While the reviews might be good and the photos look awesome, you just never know what you’re going to find when it comes to accommodation. In what looked like a pretty normal room, one guy found a sauna, a bomb shelter, and a dungeon. Oh, and also a golden mask. These things go together, right?

Watch the BossDT video below for more hilarious things people didn’t expect to see on their travels.

Image credit: Going Awesome Places

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