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Some people are so talented, it's crazy. Check our this mesmerising like a boss compilation.

Here's a video that'll make you realise that being able to juggle a couple of balls at your office Xmas party is not actually that exciting or impressive.

But, if you can take skipping to a level never seen before, like this one particular lady, then your colleagues will not forget you soon. It'll be the highlight of the evening!

If you have more extreme dreams, then perhaps the guy doing parkour or the boxing kid-wonder will be your inspiration. Then, there are the people whose car-control is on another level while high-diving off a bridge is another death-defying skill to have.

It's not just human's that act like a boss sometimes. There's a mouse who camouflages himself in the steel rim of a truck to evade the prowling cat and a wakeboarding dog riding the wake better than many homo sapiens ever could.

This compilation will leave you mesmerised, and possibly even inspired to try out that one thing that you've always wanted to do. So, go on then, press the play button on the COUB Factory YouTube video below. It'll make your day.

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