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This is the story of a novice mountain biker challenging his ability and conquering his fears as he rides one of the world's most famous jump trails, Whistler's A-Line.

We're accustomed to seeing professional mountain bikers nail impossible tracks, jumps and drops in shows like the Red Bull Rampage. Most of us will never get to that level though, instead, all of us 'weekend warriors' face obstacles that the pros simply sneer at. 

That's what makes this video appealing to the majority who are still learning and challenging our own abilities. Many trails around the world offer up less risk to life and limb, but frighten us and question our skills in the saddle.

This is where we join YouTube's The Singletrack Sampler, as he puts his few years of training to the ultimate challenge: Can he conquer one of the most famous jump trails in the world? Welcome to Whistler's A-Line.

Perseverance, confidence and trust are all the ingredients one needs to accomplish most things in life, and The Singletrack Sampler shows us just how to mix these all together to come out on top.

This video is an inspiration to novices everywhere that you can accomplish your dreams, no matter how big or small, so you should press play and enjoy the show.

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