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With the evolution of drones and the incredible technology, drones have been introduced to the world of art. A recent event has been a beautiful example of what magnificent light art drones can produce. 

Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift and others, magnificently created a mesmerising light show for this year’s Burning Man using a 1,000 drones which flew over Black Rock City. During the show the drones formed several incredible images, which included a replica of a burning man, a three-dimensional face, and a tribute to the late Larry Harvey, one of Burning Man’s founders.

This magnificent show also set a Burning Man record for the most drones used during the festival.

“A new record for Burning Man. Thank you to Drift Studios and the 10 artists that produced this gift for the playa. You can see a grid of charging pads that the drones return to for recharging. This allows the show to go on for hours. The scale is immense, and visible from quite a distance. The physical movement limits of the drones lends itself to fluid motion and mesmerising organic forms.”

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