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Clouds are a fun thing. They can be light and fluffy, dark and wicked, or take on many different shapes and colours. There are iridescent clouds, and there are clouds that are on fire. Recently, in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa, Hafiz Aktas caused a commotion when he discovered a very unusual cloud. Similar to being described as a UFO,  pie, or piece of  female anatomy, these strange clouds are actually not as rare as you might think.

Known as lenticular clouds, they are caused by wind. Typically found near hills and mountains, these stationary clouds have a curved UFO-like shape. This particular cloud has been reported to be present for about an hour at sunrise. If so, what could be the cause? When the wind blows over the mountain, the stable moist air can carry it and create a series of waves. If there is enough moisture in the wave floor, condensation will form and lenses will form. 

Lenticular clouds fall into three categories based on their height above the ground: Altocumulus stagnant lenticular (ACSL), Stratocumulus stasis lenticular (SCSL), and Cirrocumulus stasis lenticular (CCSL). They are often accompanied by strong gusts of wind in one place and still air in another. 

So while these clouds in Turkey are certainly picturesque, they are not as rare as you might think, especially due to the time they appear. Since Bursa lies in the shadow of Mount Uludag, it is not surprising that this particular cloud formation appeared here. In the United States, lenticular clouds are common around the Rocky Mountains and around Mount Rainier. So next time you're near a mountain, be sure to look up at the sky and see if there are any UFO clouds  floating in the air.
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