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Austria is a country in the heart of Europe that consistently attracts tourists.

But, it is no secret that Austria has something unique and different in store for its newcomers. How Austrians do certain things may confuse visitors, so here are some things Austria does differently for if you ever want to pop over for a visit. 

In Austria, dogs are welcome everywhere. Basically, they are welcome to visit cafes, restaurants, subways, and many other public places and transport.

Austrians also do not use taxis, which in other places are a very normal thing to do. Taking a cab in Austria means that either you're very old and unable to walk anymore, or it could mean that you are rich and can't be bothered. 

Trying to fit in when you visit the country by speaking German might not be easy, as Austrian German is somewhat different. If you ask for a "tüte" (the German word for "bag") at the checkout, you'll likely get a surprised look as the correct word will be to say "sackerl". 

One tourist posted that "Austrian German is a headache for tourists. Just imagine that you are learning German, which itself is a difficult language, you go outside to finally practice it with someone, but end up hearing a totally different language. There are 9 states in Austria and each one has its own dialect. Sometimes even they themselves don't understand each other".

If you arrive at your hotel or accommodation, things might be slightly different when it comes to the bedroom. Austrian don't use bedspreads. Blankets will be neatly folded on each side of the bed, and the bed itself will have no cover on it. 

Austrians don't beat around the bush and are very straightforward. They will immediately point out when something is not correct for them. That's how the Austrian obsession with honesty (which it is easy to mistake for rudeness) manifests itself.

Do not be startled when you get a deep stare into your eyes while toasting with Austrians. When Austrians are raising glasses, they stare deeply into the eyes of the people they are toasting with, as it it is believed that if they don't follow this rule, it can cause bad luck.

When it comes to greeting people, Austria can be compared to France, as they are more liberated in this sense: they kiss each other on both cheeks. 

Another thing that newcomers might find weird is the appearance of the toilet bowls. This is because there is a shelf in Austrian toilet bowls. When using the toilet, the contents will stay on the shelf, located inside the bowl, for one to do a self-check of their health. Another reason for this is that one can take a sample of their stool to later bring in for testing.

When it comes to shopping, Austrians do not hesitate when they check out their items. They try to put all of the stuff they bought into bags as fast as possible to speed up the service process. 

Things that may seem weird to the rest of the world are commonplace for Austrians, and that's cool. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place to explore.

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