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US President Donald Trump states that he is considering a TikTok ban not even a week later than India.

In Early July 2020, the government of India made a bold move to ban a number of apps that its citizens were allowed access to, amongst those applications were the viral short video sharing app TikTok. Not even a week later, an official report by Bloomberg as well as abc News was released that stated that the US government may possibly take a similar approach to what the Indian government has done with TikTok.

The reasoning for this from the Indian government was due to a privacy concern and data usage issues. However, the US government continues to state its concerns over TikTok as its Chinese, and more specifically, the communist party of China. If you use the app, you are supporting a non-western organisation and that their use of users data might be malicious.

There has been no official decision made by the US government on whether or not TikTok will be banned in the US like it was done in India, but we can expect more information on this over the next few days.

Take a look a the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on US Follows India Towards TikTok Ban.

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