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The old coin hiding behind the ear trick is a golden oldie but what about sticking a knife through your hand or eating glass? No, we aren't talking about the stupid things your friends dare you to do when you are drunk, these are actual magic tricks that David Blaine has performed without getting hurt (not a scratch or a drop of blood). Blaine (for those who have been living under a rock) is one of the world's best magicians known for his high-profile feats of endurance and has set and broken several world records.

He started out as a street magician and got recognition on The Daily Show when Jon Stewart featured him. Now he's back on The Daily Show, this time with Trevor Noah and a whole new repertoire of tricks. He discovered very early on in his career that his audiences' reaction was the key to a successful career and therefore aims to shock his audience by pushing the limits.

So naturally, stabbing himself in the hand generally does the trick!

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