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We don't always control the thoughts that go on in our heads. We will often be daydreaming, letting random thoughts come and go and when we actually stop to think about it, those thoughts are the most random, useless and sometimes even disgusting thoughts. No matter how many books you read, degrees you have or smart you are, your brain always seems to regress to thoughts you would imagine a five-year-old to have.

No matter how badly you don't want to think about it, your brain will go there! I mean, you need your brain to think that your mom got pregnant by immaculate conception right! Anything else would just be torture. These conversations show the true rebellious nature of the brain despite your constant begging. The brain has no mercy and when the brain is going, sleep is not an option, fighting it just ends in bringing back the top 10 most embarrassing moments of your life and playing them in a loop.

What the strangest thoughts your brain has ever had?

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