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In an age where people rely on watches and apps to tell them what to do, a Fitbit is one of the most common. People have literally become reliant on watches to dictate their activity for them. On one hand, it promotes and encourages physical activity but, on the other hand, how sad is it that we need a wrist watch to encourage it?

Even health insurance companies have jumped on the bandwagon and use Fitbit as an encouragement tactic to get people to subscribe to their medical aid plan, promising rewards if certain goals are met and recorded on their Fitbits. No wonder people have become obsessed with the idea of an easy way to spend money. Getting 10 000 steps a day becomes the most important part of peoples day.

But, in this sketch, the girls rip the concept off a bit and even take it to the extreme, commenting on how people have become so reliant on technology dictating their behaviour.

If you are in the mood for a laugh and you're a die-hard Fitbit fan, check it out!

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