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Whether you know it or not, there are a million hidden thoughts scrambling through a girl's mind on her first date with you. Not only thoughts but also some pretty brutal observations as well. 

However, being the polite (and sometimes a little socially awkward) species - we usually keep these to ourselves. 

Don't worry, these observations can be good ones guys! But to avoid sounding a bit too forthcoming, we keep those to ourselves. I mean, how creepy would it be if we told you that we may not like you that much, but the bone structure of our children would be incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

In this video are some examples of the things girls are REALLY thinking or doing on their first date with you - in a hypothetical and very unlikely situation where they would actually tell you about it. 

Because trust me, if we had known you were THAT cute - we would have shaved our legs. 

Watch the video to get into the mind of your first date, and let us know if a girl has ever actually said any of these things out loud! 


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