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Isaac Butterfield will lay down the truth no matter how much it hurts. This Australian comedian is known for commenting on the latest trends and trending videos. He takes people with terribly constructed points and even worse ideas and tries to make sense of the video, but he exposes the holes in their arguments and, obviously, gets a lot of hate for it.

This particular video deals with feminism. Before everyone jumps on the hate bandwagon, he's not saying feminism is bad or women don't deserve equality. He promotes the idea of women fighting to be seen as equal to men but equality works both ways (fair enough). Youtube channel, Lady Like, decided to do a piece on women painting pictures with their period blood. Now, we see the point they are trying to make in that women's bodily functions are seemed as gross and there is no doubt that misogyny still rules (Trump) but... do we really need to paint pictures with it?

If you're into it, go for it, but watching other people react to it is still pretty funny.

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