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Do it yourself people are the worst! Unless you're an engineer, the answer is yes, you should call someone (a professional) to do it for you.

The DIYers we're referring to take Leonardo Da Vinci to a whole new level of abstract which can be put into one of two categories: something so bad it should have even been started and then just absolute fails.

Seriously, can we just leave Grandma's curtains at her house? They really don't belong on clothes, couches or cars! We shouldn't have to tell you this but decorating the spots in your car where the airbags should deploy if you are in an accident is asking for trouble...

In honour of these fools, people haven't held back in naming and shaming those terrible DIYers, they even created a whole subreddit caller diWHY.

If you know someone who is a diWHYer name and shame in the comment section!

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