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Olly, the Blue Cross Rescue dog that had everyone in stitches at the dog show. Crufts have been the hosts of some of the world's best-showing dogs, prepped and groomed to perfection.

The show dogs practice all year long to perfect tricks like weaving between poles and jumping over poles. Nothing was different for Olly the Jack Russel except things didn't quite go as planned but you know what they say: "Its the thought that counts".

Olly was so enthusiastic he zoomed through all the obstacles in his way but the zooms weren't his problem. Olly was taking part in an agility test but when the zooms set in, the agility training went out the window and luckily for us, it was all caught on camera. His owner, Karen Parker said: "I didn’t think he could top last year’s performance when he ran into the crowd rather than around the course. He’s like that all the time, he’s insane! One of the presenters showing the clip on TV news said, ‘We should all have a bit of Olly in us’ and I thought ‘I don’t think you need that! My friend lives in Australia and she saw him on the news there, he’s everywhere."

His little legs flailing in the air as he flys over the A-frame obstacle, complete with a near somersault sends the audience into fits of laughter with the commentator saying: "Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less. Here we go, wahey! That’s one of the best shots I’ve seen in a long time!" Luckily Olly finished the course without injury and enjoyed a nice massage and a tasty sardine dinner after a hard day of agility work. Olly's life hasn't always been sardines dinners and adoring fans as the little Jack Russel was dropped at the gates of Hertfordshire rehoming centre near Kimpton inside a cat carrier. But he was saved by Karen who is adamant that she and Olly were meant to be.

Olly sat proudly on top of the little podium with his rosette. It just goes to show how awesome rescue dogs can really be! Olly is definitely a 10 out of 10 good doggo!

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