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Trolling is basically the same as bullying except these trolls are too cowardly to do it to someone's face. It has become a common internet trend but, instead of fighting it, some people have embraced it. Thousands of people have dealt with trolls. apparently and the results are horribly cruel and hilarious in equal parts.

A subreddit called “r/roast me” allows users to upload selfies and invite others to abuse them... and it has become a global phenomenon since it began less than a year ago. Of course, some people will naturally take it way too far with overly malicious comments but some of the comments are just too funny not to laugh at. I mean they did ask for it...

A combination of wit and the need for attention has driven this subreddit into a worldwide trend. But, like everything in life, there are terms and conditions for the roasters and roastees:

They include no participants under the age of 13 and a warning: “This is a comedy subreddit, not a hate subreddit. Act as though you are trying to make an audience laugh”.

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