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I think everyone can relate to being hangry at some point. Maybe you snapped at a loved one or you shed a few tears over something completely trivial that left you feeling embarrassed afterwards.

To wit; these hangry people at Tacobell took it to a whole new level in an epic battle of stubbornness, blocking the whole of Tacobell for over 30 minutes, resulting in a visit from the police.

Then there is the parking space fight that has been doing the rounds lately. We aren't too sure which side of the fence we sit on this argument but, basically, as a couple was pulling into a parking space, a girl ran into the bay, blocking the parking and claiming that her dad was bringing the car around to park there. Now, last time we checked, it is called a CAR park – but these ladies weren't having any of it.

What do you think of these petty fights? Whose side are you on? Yes, we know it kills your brain cells a little to watch, but you just can't tear your eyes away!

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