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There are times when places are just too busy and waiting for a legal parking spot would take longer than the time you are actually in the shop. So you pop a sneaky park in a place you know you shouldn't be, hoping no one will notice. The dread that fills your stomach when you come back to see a neatly written parking ticket on your window or even a large wheel clamp is the most awful feeling.

I mean, fair enough, we can't get angry at people just trying to do their job but, sometimes, it can be taken too far – as this poor man experienced: A London man got hit by a car and had to be rushed to the hospital. As the paramedics were loading him into the back of the ambulance a parking control officer suddenly appeared. The officer explained to the man that he didn’t want to further complicate his day but he had to issue him a ticket for parking his motor scooter in a no parking zone, even though it was a total wreck.

Yes, this is a true story! It is also a suitable example of being way too anal about things.

We aren't so sure if this one is true... but it's still pretty funny:
A local Missouri man loved to ride his horse on Sunday afternoons and did so for the better part of twenty years. When gas prices began to rise he started riding his horse not only for recreation but also for the small trips he would often have to make to the store. Several times a week he would visit the small convenience store and tie his horse up outside. But that changed one day when he stepped outside of the store and found that an overzealous police officer had placed a parking ticket on the tail of his horse. I wonder if it was a mustang?

But when in doubt and you want to get out of said parking ticket, here is a step by step guide provided by Joe Lycett!

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