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So Will Smith is an accomplished actor and singer but we are pretty sure he could also be a professional motivational speaker. He recently started sharing some of his life advice and wisdom and it quickly went viral, motivating fans across the world. He is a big advocate for reaching for your dreams and working hard to be successful. Smith has always managed to stay grateful and humble but never settles for relying on what he has already accomplished.

Smith believes in true dedication to your passion and demonstrates his own dedication to his career constantly, like deciding to relaunch his music career. But, he has admitted to never being realistic, saying that thinking realistically leads to mediocrity. Believe it or not, Smith's journey to fame involved many fails, including going bankrupt after living a flashy life and overspending, landing him in trouble.

He was saved by the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which became an instant hit, paving the way to his four Grammy Awards, two Academy Awards nominations and four Golden Globe Awards.

Check out the video for some Will Smith wisdom.

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