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There is no doubt that Will Smith is an inspiring person with his stellar movie career and musical talent, not to mention the way he has maintained an amazing family while staying humble about his success. He has recently taken to social media to share his wisdom that he tries to instil in his children. Of course, his music career has dwindled over the years but he decided to get back into the studio to brush up on his skills – and it seems to be like riding a bike for him.

He released a new rap song called “To the Clique” recently, ending his 13-year musical sabbatical with a “warmup” song that references previous hits and name-checks everyone from Halle Berry to Barack Obama. He also addresses the divorce rumours that sparked a wildfire of allegations that stated the movie star and his wife have been living “separate lives” for quite some time, and they’re finally ready to end their marriage for good. A so-called “source” said, “They decided on a trial separation and have barely spent any time together lately… The reality is that they’re both getting a taste of the single life and they’re enjoying it. It seems like they’re happier apart.” However, Smith claims this is the furthest from the truth and that he is completely happy in his marriage and his family.

In the behind the scenes video, he explains how chaotic his life became when he was producing albums and starring in movies back to back. However, his role in blockbusters like "Men in Black," "Bad Boys" and "Suicide Squad," not to mention sparking critical acclaim with "Ali" and "The Pursuit of Happiness" have made him a Hollywood favourite.

Though no album has been announced, Smith promises new music is “coming soon.”

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