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They always said that the robots would rise and take over our society but we didn't know they would start with our dating lives! Well, Will Smith decided to give online dating a try with all the hype around Bumble and Tinder (not that Will Smith would ever actually have to ask for a date). Apparently, he has matched with Sophia the robot (we still think that she rigged the system) and she just isn't quite ready for a relationship just yet which results in a painfully awkward date. I mean, if your date starred in movies that literally aimed at wiping out other robots, there might be a couple of awkward silences.

It truly is an amazing example of the way robotics and technology have advanced in recent years to the point where they are literally able to have a full conversation with a human being. Naturally, Will Smith just makes it even funnier! Check out this article if you want to know more about Sophia.

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