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The Stephen King-inspired movie "IT" has left people terrified to watch the movie! The trailers are petrifying on their own – so the movie will be a living nightmare!

This will be particularly true for people who are afraid of clowns – these people have Coulrophobia – and it affects more people than you think!

According to studies, a large percentage of the world's population or more afraid of clowns than they are of death! And this movie captures the terrifying presence of a clown horror!

With all the buzz and hype around the new "IT" movie, an "IT"-inspired haunted house has been made. If you can't survive it, you may not want to watch the movie at all!

This group of people try out the "IT" haunted house and survive it... barely!

If you want to see some pretty petrified people in one of the scariest haunted houses around, watch this video!

Will you be watching "IT"?

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