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Cats are such strange, ironic creatures. They are sometimes cold, independent felines capable of evil – but then wacky at the same time (and sometimes not the brightest). You never know what they are going to do next so it's important to capture the best moments whether they are cute, funny, evil or just plain dumb. What else could Snap Chat be for?

When you adopt a furbaby, it takes a while for them to get used to the environment with all the new sounds and smells, maybe even siblings.

This kitten had no idea what it was in for when it got to its new home and encountered this moving rock. While the poor tortoise was just trying to shuffle to safety, the kitten became even more intrigued/creeped out by the moving rock and investigated in a ridiculous way.

Aren't cats supposed to be brave, independent creatures who fear nothing? Except tortoises, apparently...

Check out a couple of the best cat snap's of the week and the brutal tortoise attack below!

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